Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing and Growing

I can't believe two months ago today, my sweet baby William was born. He is just as perfect as I knew he would be... the last member of our family that I prayed for long before it was decided he would be ours. Every time I look down at him asleep on me I am thankful for the blessing he is to us and our family.
I have seen Elijah and Owen blossom into these wonderful loving creatures around their new baby brother.  They use sweet soft voices to talk to him, and gentle hands to touch and hold him.  They give him kisses oh his head and pats on the back, and even sing to him to keep him from crying. In the very beginning, the crying really bothered Owen.  And our sweet William hates the car and cries most every time we take a ride somewhere, which means with taking the boys to school everyday they get to hear at least 40minutes of straight crying. Owen sits next to him in the car and he used to keep saying "It's okay William, It's okay, IT'S OKAY!!!!" And then, "mom, William is still crying!" But they love him and now they are used to so many "baby" things. Last week when Owen's teacher asked if his baby brother cries a lot, Owen said, "No, he only cries five times."  They have done so well with all of the adjustments and are both wonderful helpers for me throughout the day.

One of the gifts my eyes have been opened to after having William is to recognize the "precious" in my other two boys who where once this tiny. When I look at him, who resembles them so completely, it reminds me not to be so hard on them. They are still small too and in need of so much nurturing and care. I try to give them as much love everyday as I can. Lots of hugs and kisses, and eye contact.  Special stories and movie nights. Imaginary private detective games, building guns and monsters and super hero cars. And cooking, we can't forget cooking... they love scooting their chairs up to the counter to help mommy with whatever I am making.  Today it was homemade applesauce, apple cobbler, and also mini lasagne. They each had a special job to do getting it all ready! I love them so much, even when they do act like little monsters to each other at times.

Something else I am trying to do better at is not being so rushed all of the time.  We met a nurse just after William was born at one of his appointments that had great insight. She told how much she regretted being too busy to enjoy her kids when they were young and now they are grown and she feels she is getting a second chance with her grandkids. So she tells people to take the extra time and cherish family. Getting to the next place isn't always the most important thing, sometimes it's hearing how a three year old's day was, or taking the time to give an extra cuddle.

He slept like this for two hours!  Awesome- gotta love the "Boppy."

Don't you just want to cuddle these monsters!

This "daddy-made" hat totally coordinates with the grey and blue elephant outfit!

Everyone's favorite spot to snooze!

My most recent amazing trick- smiling and giggling!
I know these insights are not coincidental. I know that God puts certain people and realizations into our lives and hearts to cause us to move into action and change a little. My little ones are growing and growing and I don't want to miss a minute of it.


  1. Your boys are so precious, as are you! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures!

  2. Oh Kel...seeing these pics makes me want to me there so much more to see our little ones grow up together!